About Us

Making the sustainable choice the most appealing choice.


We dream of a cleaner, more beautiful world where style and sustainability go hand in hand.


We believe in fewer, better things. We design great products to maximize delight and minimize waste.


We operate ethically. We source natural ingredients and recyclable materials. We limit plastic. It’s the right thing to do.


Sustainability shouldn’t be hard, so we make it easy. Infinitely recyclable refills — no mess, no extra steps, no guesswork.

Founding Team


Sarah Pura & Jamison Pereira

Sarah and Jamison are kindred spirits who love to solve problems. Despite starting their careers on vastly different paths — Jamison served as a US Army officer while Sarah began as a Hollywood assistant — the two connected while working as management consultants. Together they were struck by the fact that despite a growing plastic waste crisis, retail shelves are still stocked with single-use plastic. They were each investing in higher quality homewares, but failed to find simple soap dispensers to match their needs. Stylish dispenser options were limited, and even with designer dispensers soap refills still came packaged in plastic.

Eddi was born from the idea to give customers an uncompromising alternative for personal care products: a stylish, enduring dispenser with effortlessly-simple refills in a plastic-free, easy-to-recycle format. Sustainability, meet style.

Sarah and Jamison set off to build Eddi in early 2020, with commitments to join 1% for the Planet and grow to be a Certified B Corp. A global pandemic presented challenges to starting a business, but it also brought renewed interest in hand soap and home decor. After nearly a year and a half of product design, they are delighted to introduce Eddi to your home.

Giving Back

Eddi was founded out of a sense of urgency to address our global plastic waste crisis. Our products are enabled by strong recycling systems that support the circularity of aluminum and allow us to reduce plastic waste. We recognize the importance of efficient recycling programs.

To further our environmental mission, we have joined the 1% for the Planet global network of inspiring businesses committed to addressing urgent environmental issues. We contribute one percent of our annual sales to non-profit organizations focused on strengthening recycling systems and eradicating plastic pollution.