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What’s the meaning behind the name Eddi?

Eddi, which rhymes with ready, is inspired by eddy current separators which are used to simply and efficiently sort aluminum for recycling. Eddy current separators, which ingeniously use magnetism, allow for cost-effective and localized aluminum recycling making aluminum especially recycling-friendly.

An eddy is also a circular current in water that swirls counter to the stream, a natural phenomenon that pushes us to start a new counter culture.

Where are Eddi products made?

We continually strive to build partnerships with suppliers that mirror our values and high standards for fair labor practices, environmental responsibility, and quality control. We evaluated and vetted dozens of factories and suppliers before selecting our current partners. We’ll continue to routinely evaluate our supply chain to ensure Eddi’s products are created and delivered in a responsible manner.

Our Eddi dispensers are manufactured in China. Our hand soap refills, including the aluminum bottles, the hand soap, and our natural fragrances, are manufactured in the U.S. Our packaging is also made in the U.S.

​​Will you be offering new colors, fragrances, or products soon?

We are working everyday on bringing you new designs. The best way to stay up to date on our products is by joining our mailing list. Let us know what you’d like to see (or smell!) next by emailing us at hello@meeteddi.com.