Sustainability Made Simple.

Twist your scented hand soap into the Eddi dispenser and suds up in a matter of seconds!

Eddi Dispenser

Our durable stainless steel and zinc dispenser acts as the new home for your hand wash.

Aluminum Refills

Pop in your aluminum refills to experience luxury scented hand soaps at a fraction of the price. To dispose of refills, simply recycle them with your cans at home.

Scented Hand Soap

Crafted from coconut and olive oils, this vegan and cruelty-free liquid soap includes natural vitamin E, aloe, and premium essential oils to leave your hands soft and clean.

Build a better habit in under 10 seconds!

Build a better habit in under 10 seconds!


Twist your refill cap off and store under the dispenser base.


Remove the base and insert your refill into the dispenser. Twist to secure.


Reattach your base, roll up your sleeves, and start sudsing!

On your counter. Out of landfills.

Your hand washing routine becomes a little more magical with Eddi’s easy system.

Bulky Refills

Messy Funnels

DIY Mixing

Wait Time

Effortless style, infinite impact.

While you continue to make your home a haven, we’ll help you do your part for the planet with easy refills and beautiful solutions. To dispose of your refill bottles, simply toss them in with your cans at home.

Why Aluminum?

Aluminum is Eddi’s choice for a convenient packaging alternative that helps eliminate plastics from your daily personal care routine.

When we started Eddi, we set out to find an alternative to plastic that significantly reduces waste without sacrificing convenience and durability. We found that aluminum is the right material for this moment.